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In 1960 Jane Jacobs’s book The Death and Life of Great American Cities sent shockwaves through the architecture and planning worlds, with its exploration of the consequences of modern planners’ and architects’ reconfiguration of cities. Jacobs was also an activist, who was involved in many fights in mid-century New York, to stop “master builder” Robert Moses from running roughshod over the city. This film retraces the battles for the city as personified by Jacobs and Moses, as urbanization moves to the very front of the global agenda. Many of the clues for formulating solutions to the dizzying array of urban issues can be found in Jacobs’s prescient text, and a close second look at her thinking and writing about cities is very much in order. This film sets out to examine the city of today through the lens of one of its greatest champions.



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A Robert Hammond/Matt Tyrnauer Production

In Association with Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation / JustFilms and Huntsman Productions

Produced by Robert Hammond, Corey Reeser, Jessica Van Garsse

Executive Producers Juliet Page, Pierre LaGrange, Bernard LeGrange

Co-Editors/Co-Producers Daniel Morfesis and Andrea Lewis

Director of Photography Chris Dapkins

Original Music by Jane Antonia Cornish

Produced and Directed by Matt Tyrnauer

USA Theatrical Release: April 21, 2017

Duration: 1 Hour 32 Minutes



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